Server rent term and conditions

When ordering services from our sites, you are obliged to observe these terms and conditions mentioned here. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to order (purchase) products offered on this site.

1. General provisions

2) The Supplier reserves the right at any time to amend, amend or supplement the Rules, having regard to the requirements set out in the legal act.

2. Responsibility

1) The Buyer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided on the registration form. If The Buyer fails to provide accurate data on the data registration form, The Supplier will not be liable for the arising consequences.

2) The Buyer is responsible for his actions while using this site.

3) The Supplier is exempted from any liability in cases where any losses occur from the fact that The Buyer, didn't take required percausions and recommendations in to account that The Supplier offered.

4) If The Supplier's site contains links to other companies, organizations or personal websites, The Supplier is not responsible for the information or activities contained there, do not own, control, and do not represent these entities and/or individuals.

3. Buyer's rights and obligations

1) The Buyer has the right to order (purchase) the websites under the specified terms and conditions.

2) The Buyer undertakes to pay the specified service price and activate the ordered services.

3) The Supplier is responsible for the actions performed on the site.

4) The Buyer, using the site, agrees to the terms of this agreement and must comply with them.

5) If The Buyer attempts to damage the sites stability and security or violates the terms, The Supplier has the right, immediately and without any limitations, to restrict or stop any access to the Website or, in exceptional cases, to cancel the Registration of the Customer.

6) In the event of exceptional circumstances, The Supplier may temporarily or completely terminate the work of the Website without notifying The Buyer in advance.

7) The Supplier has the right without notice to The Buyer to cancel his order, if The Buyer does not pay for services within 7 days, choosing the payment method provided for in Clause 5.2 of the Rules.

4. Common server usage rules

1) It is prohibited to accommodate any illegal content that:

1.1) infringes copyrights or laws of the Republic of Lithuania;

1.2) is violent or pornographic;

1.3) Demonstrates reproductive organs;

2) The DataHOST administration is not required to explain the reason for the removal of illegal contents.

5. Service prices, payment terms and conditions

1) Service prices on the website and on the order placed are shown in euros.

2) The customer accounts for the services in one of the following ways:

2.2) Paying for the balance that runs on the website.

3) When calculating the payment methods specified in Clause 2, The Buyer undertakes to pay within 7 days, otherwise he will lose the right to pay for services and receive services.

6. Service quality guarantee

1) The features of each service are provided on the site and are shown in the description of each service.

7. Unlimited resources

1) The data flow is not limited to the fact that the total 100 Mbps Internet connection channel in the server is loaded in a proportional way, without disturbing another client using the same server on the site.

2) Amount of email boxes are not limited, but letters inside of them use shared disk space acccording to your bought service.

3) Sites placed inside of Multi-Domain plans are not restricted wwith a condition that they use server resources equally and doesn't interfere with other client site workflows.

4) MySQL database content are not limited with a condition that it does not interfere with the overall workflow of the MySQL server.

5) Minecraft services are granted total power of the dedicated server processor.

6) The processor power in Minecraft's plans are limited if the owner of the service uses more than two threads in the processor.

7) The number of players in Minecraft's plans are not limited when they do not interfere with the server's workflow.

8) The disk space for Minecraft Plans is not limited when all available shared server space is not used and these data in the server are legitimately used.

8. Service Restrictions

1) Unlimited resources provided by sites are regulated by the principle of competitiveness.

2) Minecraft Lite is limited to one gigabyte of RAM.

3) At the request of the client, the amount of operative memory (RAM) can be increased without additional charge for the following services:

3.1) Minecraft LITE


4) For Minecraft PRO, the maximum amount of RAM is eight gigabytes.

5) The Supplier reserves the right to limit the server processor power if the server owner uses more than two hundred percent processor threads when used.

6) The Buyer himself is responsible for DDoS attacks against his hosting.

6.1) In the case of DDoS attacks, traffic from foreign countries (other than Lithuania) or the service itself can be blocked automatically. When traffic is blocked it may be released when the attack ends.

7) DataHOST shared hosting, VPS and Minecraft plans are not intended for data archiving and illegal copying.

8) VPS plans are not designed for high or full load capacity, and therefore the following servers are not allowed to use:

8.1) DOS or flood applications.

8.2) Cryptocurrency mine for applications.

8.3) Any programs that interfere with the performance of VPS servers.

9) VPS servers having active non-authorized programs (indicated in clause 8.8), The Supplier has the right to immediately terminate the activities of the server or those programs. The Supplier mus inform client about this. If The Supplier requests a claim, The Buyer must submit it within 5 business days of the incident, otherwise the service rented by him will be canceled.

9. Return order

1) Money transactions carried out on this site are in one direction Buyer> Supplier.

2) Additional terms of repayment are an agreement with The Supplier by private agreement.

3) Returns when:

3.1) 24 hours haven't passed since the order of the service.

3.2) the repayment amount exceeds EUR 1.

4) In accordance with the requirements of clause 3, the money for services is refunded to The Buyer's balance sheet.

10. Buyer's obligations

1) The Buyer must pay for the services and accept them in accordance with the procedure established by this Regulation.

3) The Buyer, using the Website, undertakes to comply with this Rule, another condition, clearly indicated on the Site.

11. Final Provisions

1) The Supplier may terminate his activity, but before 30 calendar days informed all the users by an email. In this case, all user charges for the unused period are returned, and registered domain names are transferred to the company / organization, which ensures the proper and continuous service provision.

2) The Supplier reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.

3) The rules are published on the website of The Supplier.

4) Changes to the rules are published by e-mail via the newsletter.

Renewed 2018-08-06
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